Special Offerings at Guruvayur temple

Special offering
In Kerala tradition, the devotees do not themselves perform the poojas. They bring various articles for worship and the temple priests offer them to Lord with mantras (sacred recitation). They are returned to the devotee with some flowers picked from the altar of the Lord as a blessing. Offerings may be made in any form as the devotee wish. Some of the usual offerings are mentioned here

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# Article Title
1 ഗുരുവായൂര്‍ ശ്രാദ്ധമൂട്ടല്‍
2 Nadayiruthal of Elephants
3 Avil Nivedyam
4 Bhajan
5 Sayana Pradikshanam
6 Vivaha (Marriage)
7 Arangettam
8 Thulabharam
9 Vidyarambham
10 Chorun or Annaprasam
11 Nadathallal
12 Picking of Kunnikkuru
13 Alroopam
14 Nivedyams
15 Alankar
16 Meaning of Archana
17 Prasada oottu
18 Anayoottu
19 Krishnanattam
20 Udayasthamana pooja


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