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Krishnanattam is regarded as an act of piety. Manavedan presented it as a routine offering to the Lord. Devotees can offer this as a Vazhipad and it is staged inside the temple

between 10.00 pm and 3.00 am. The various benefits of Krishnanattam as an offering are listed here.Avatharam for a birth of a child.
Kaliyamardhanam to remove the effect of poison.
Rasakreeda well being of unmarried girls, to end disputes between couples.
Kamsavaddham to remove enemies.
Swayamvaram for a happy matrimony.
Bana yuddham to remove impoverishment, for good farm production.
Vividha vadham to eliminate poverty and increase yield from farms.
Swargarohanam for peace of a departed soul.

All the episodes can be either offered in a series or individually. Those who offer Swargarohana have to conduct Avathara too, the next day. If conducted in temple premises, the fee for each play is Rs.1500.00. Out side Guruvayur Temple, traveling and other expenses have to be met besides Rs.1500.00 per play.


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