Other Offerings

Other offering

For safe travel

Toy vehicle of silver or gold like planes, boats, ships, cars, Buses, train etc.

For success in profession etc.

A certain percentage of salary, or earnings, profit or daily collection.

For specific ailments

Figurines of the particular organ affected and jewels worn generally on them are offered for the cure of ailments.

For the cure of general depression etc.

1) Thulabharam.
This is weighing of the individual concerned against gold, silver, precious stones, fruits, sugar-candy, butter, rosewater, coconut, coconut husks, plantain fruits etc., according to the prayer of the party. All the items for the Thulabharam is available at the Thulabharam counter inside the temple.

2) Figurines in gold and silver.

For children

Children’s toys and jewels, cradles and Perambulators, presents of cloth to boys on the Thiruvonam day, Thrivonam feasts to boys, reading by oneself or causing to be read by others the avathara chapters of the Bhagavatha or the Narayaneeyam and arranging for the staging of the Avatharam story in the Krishnanattam etc., are performed by devotees to please Lord Guruvayurappan so that he may bless them with children. And as a last Lord Guruvayurappan so that he may bless them with children. And as a last resort they sometimes take to bhajanam also.


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