Pilgrim at Guruvayur

One of the most important Hindu pilgrim centers of India. Home to the Guruvayur Temple,one of the greatest Krishna shrines in the country and the second largest in terms of pilgrim arrivals. Every year, Guruvayur-which has an area of only 7.476 sq.Km and about 22,000 permanent residents-hosts three crore pilgrims, including those arriving for marriages and annaprasadams. Which has put the land as well as its people under tremendous strain. And necessitated the creation of an exclusive township.

Parthasaarathy Temple

This temple has an idol that is said to have been installed by Adi Shankara, for whom there is a shrine in the compound. The sanctum has wheels and horses added to resemble a chariot.The nearby Venkita­chala­pathy Temple is also quite popular and has a shrine to Saint Ramanujan, just outside.

Palayur Church

In 52 A.D. Thomas Didaemus, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. is believed to have landed at Musiris (Cranganore) in Kerala. He made his first converts both Jews and Hindus at Palayur a town now in Trichur district, Kerala. There he built a small church with an altar, which he consecrated.

Perunthatta Siva Temple

The Perumthatta Mahadeva Temple one of the legendary 108 Shivalayas of Kerala is situated at a distance of nearly half-a-kilometer to the south of the famous Sri Krishna temple of Guruvayur. This Shiva Kshetra too was once a great center of pilgrimage. The history of Perumthatta temple is shrouded in mystery

Manathala Juma Masjid

At Manathala near Chavakkad is situated an ancient mosque which is considered very sacred by the Muslims. Chavakkad is situated about 31 km, north-west of Thrissur. The mausoleum of Hydros Kutee, Haider Ali’s Lieutenant is situated at Manathala. Chavakkad is also sometimes called Kuttungal.

Mammiyur Temple

Mammiyoor Mahadeva temple awakens a one pointed devotion that drips with love for Shiva and Shiva alone. Mammiyoor is located at about 1Km from Guruvayur enroute to Punnathurkotta near Kottapadi in the Trissur district of Kerala. Ganapati, Aiyappa, and Lord Vishnu along with the main deity


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