Bakthi superior to siddhi

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bakthi superiorSankaracharya, the famous jnani, vedanthi and siddha was once proceeding to Sringery in Mysore from kaladi in Kerala. He happened to pass through Guruvayur and it was the time of seeveli in Guruvayur temple. The procession had reached the North West corner Sankaracharya did not attribute much importance to the seeveli and he was about to go straight without paying his respect to the Lord.

But Lord Guruvayurappan wanted sankara to realise that bakthi was superior to siddhi.The Acharya suddenly crashed down in front of the Lords elephant. The whole Temple was stirred to confusion and surprise. The procession was stopped. The stupefied Acharya regained his consciousness after a while, realized his folly and with humility started propitiation the lord with the spontaneous composition of “Govindashtakam “ and “Bhajagovindam” thus he stayed here for some days worshiping HIM. He instituted the mandalavilakku with a view to increase the sanctity and chaithanya of the temple. Mandalam is a period of forty-one days in November- December and of this festival, the vilakku on the Ekadasi day during the bright fortnight is the most important. It was on this day that Lord Sree Krishna imparted Geetha to Arjuna.


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