Miracle of Manjulas Garland

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ManjulasGarlandThe first thing that one sees while entering Guruvayur from east is the huge banyan tree with the gigantic Garuda at its foot. This is called Manjulal, the banyan tree of Manjula. A solemn devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, Manjula, a warrier girl by birth, used to bring every night a garland, which the Melsanthi used to the place on the idol. One day she came so late that the temple was closed when she reached the foot of this banian tree.

Utterly depressed, she stood there, blind with tears,Poonthanam who was returning form the temple, happened to see her and, having knowing about her predicament, consoled her and said : " stop crying,! Guruvayurappan sees your heart place the garland at the foot of this banyan tree, as if you place it on the trippadi (Sopanam) and he will accept it “.
Manjula did as she was told, prayed with all her heart and returned. Next day dawned with a miracle. After Nirmalyadarsanam, the Melsanthi was removing the garlands of the previous night. He found that he could not, with all his attempts, take away from the idol a particular garland. The devotees came for Nirmalyadarsanam, stood there amazed. Poonthanam also was present there. The incident of the previous night flashed through his mind immediately he shouted; “if it is Manjulas garland, let it also come away “, and down fell the garland at once. And the whole atmosphere was thrilling with the devout shouting “Hare –krishna “and each rushed forward to take a flower from Manjula’s garland and also worship the banyan tree at the foot of which the lord himself was present to receive Manjula’s offering From that day onwards, the banian tree started being called Manjulal. Now the anayottam (elephant race) which is conducted on the first day of utsavam is started from the Manjulal in the eastern nada.



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