Idol becomes Alive

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idolFormerly, there was only one priest at Guruvayur temple. Once, on an urgent and unavoidable business he had to go away. He asked his twelve year old son to perform the Pooja, and left the place. Quite innocently, the boy believed that the deity would eat up the nivedyam offered by the priest and he saw that the deity did not stir though he requested very earnestly. He became completely upset,

he thought that the deity did not enjoy the nivedya because he offered it with out curds and salted mango pickle. He rushed to a neighboring house, when the nivedyam was offered with curds. Afflicted mentally, he started weeping and through tears he said “kirshna! Krishna! My father when he comes to know of this will beat me to death! Come Krishna! Eat! Please! “The bakthavalsala could not stand the tears of his innocent devotee. He enjoyed the whole naivedya! Extremely contended, the boy came out from the Sreekoil and placed the empty vessels before the warier, who was waiting there for the naivedya. The warier was shocked to see the vessel empty, because, the naivedya after it was offered to the Lord, was a part of his wages-his food. Irritated, he asked,”where is the rice?” the boy in all his innocence replied:”the lord ate it up! ”: This naturally made him wild with anger. ”The lord ate it up! Am I to believe it? I know who ate it! I have seen you bringing curd and salted mango! Wait! Let your father come, and then we will decide who ate it! “The priest came and the warier explained everything. He too could not believe his son. No deity had eaten up the neivedya. Annoyed and wounded in his feeling, the priest raised his hands to punish his son. Just then was heard the Asareeri (A voice from the sky)”Don’t! Don’t! Don’t beat the boy! What he has said is correct! It is I who ate up the rice! The boy is innocent! “Once again the Lord was proving that he is a Bakthavalsala.


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