The Ring of Poonthanam

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offeringA devotee of the Lord, Poonthanam used to go every month to Guruvayur, walking all the way of about 100 kilometers, for bajanam. Once on his way to Guruvayur, he was attacked by robbers. Realizing the seriousness of the danger he was in, and with only Guruvayurappan to save him, he closed his eyes and cried out. “With what haste, o lord! Thou did’st to Droupathi’s help,With what haste, o lord!

Thou did’st rush to Gajendra’s help With that haste, o lord! Why do’st not thou come to my help?” And soon, he swooned, after some time as if enlivened by the sweet scent of vanamala he opened his eyes to see Manghattachan (a soldier) himself standing before him, with drawn sword drenched in blood, and also the dead bodies of the robbers around him! Quit relieved, Poonthanam sighed deeply and cried out unawares, with folded hands “kirshna krishna thy leelas are wonderful! Guruvayurappan himself sent you, Mangattachan here! But for you what would have been my fate! In memory of this, you must accept this “so saying, poonthanam took the ring off his finger and presented it to Mangattachan. The Melsanthy on the same night, heard in a dream, an Unni Namboothiri telling him:”you will find a ring on the idol. Give it to Poonthanam, who will come tomorrow” Quite miraculously, the Melsanthy saw a ring on the idol when he opened the Sreekovil next day morning. He remembers for certain that it was not there on the previous day! Shortly after came Poonthanam for darsan and started his prayers, this time, with added devotion, for, the previous days miraculous escape from robbers was in his mind. Then the Melsanthi came out from the sreekovil and offered Poonthanam the ring which he had found on the idol, and told him what had happened. Poonthanam was flabbergasted to see that the ring was his own, which he had presented to Mangattachan, the day before! Mangattachan who fought with the robbers and saved him was none other than lord Guruvayurappan. Himself.



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