Bakthi and Vibakthi

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PoonthanamThough both Poonthanam and Melpathur were great devotees of Guruvayurappan, the great poet Poonthanam, who wrote his verses in Malayalam (the vernacular), was famous for his bakthi, where as Melpathur, an erudite scholer and great poet in Sanskrit was known for vibhakthi. They were contemporaries and were in contrast with each other, in every respect. Melpathur was born in to a family of scholars privileged in the teaching

of Vedas.An ardent student of the great scholars of the day, Melpathur was a master of Rigveda, Meemamsa, Tharka and Vyakarana. Poonthanam was very humble not only in his character but in his learning also.
When he wrote his jnanappana Poonthanam wanted it to be shown to Melpathur, so that he might improve it according to the suggestions of the renowned scholar –poet. Poonthanam placed his work at the feet of Melpathur and said: “I have scribbled certain lines in Malayalam, be gracious enough to go through it “With dignified haughtiness, Melpathur replied:”Malayalam! The language of the vulgar! I have no time to spare, show it to somebody else. Go and study Sanskrit, beginning with a bleeding heart, stood before Guruvayurappan with folded hands praying, for something, and went home Next day, Melpathur took his seat on the mandapa, as usual, for composing the Narayaneeyam, but miraculously enough, he could not compose even a single line! And the happened another miracle! An Unni (boy) Namboothiri came to the mandapa and started pointing out one mistake after another in the slokas Melpathur had already written. It took something for Melpathur to reflect upon the incidents of the previous day and also to realize that the Unni Namboothiri was none other then Lord Guruvayurappan. He immediately prostrated before him, but when he opened his eyes, the Unni Namboothiri was not there and then came the asareeri: “go and console Poonthanam! To me more pleasing is Poonthanam’s bakthi than your vibakthi. Immediately Melpathur rushed to poonthanam and prostrated before him. Only after reading jnanappana fully and imbibing the spirit of it could he resume composing Narayaneeyam.



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