Varrier’s buffalo

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offeringWith all humility and innocence, a varier, once asked his master Vilwamangalam, in what form he was to meditate upon the Lord. Jokingly Vilwamangalam replied:”as a buffalo! “But the servant took it in all seriousness and thought that it might be another avathara of the Lord, just like the avathara of fish, tortoise etc. , and he started to meditate upon the lord as a buffalo! He used to come to Guruvayur with his master

and used to see in the Sreekoil, his buffalo-god. Once Vilwamangalam and his varrier servant were present in the temple.The seeveli was going on. The keezshathi was coming out to mount the elephant, with the utsavavigraha. But he could not, with the utsavavigraha in his hands, come out through the door. All were puzzled the warrier who was seeing all this, was also puzzled. He thought:”why is the keezsanthi not inclining the head of the baffolo – god, so that there will be enough space for the huge, outstretched horns of his to pass through the narrow door! “And he could not but cry aloud:”incline the head a little, right or left! “The keezsanthi did so, and the utsavavigraha could easily be taken out! Vilwamangalam scolded his servant for his shouting and warier, quite innocently replied:”Thirumeni “was it not commonsense to incline the head of the baffolo-god when the outstretched horns could not pass through the door?
Vilwamangalam stood dumbfounded!


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