Melpathur’s Rheumatism

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Melpathur'sRheumatismWith the miraculous cure of Melpathur’s rheumatism as already pointed out, Guruvayur suddenly appeared in the limelight as a healing centre. A profound scholar, and slightly intoxicated with pride, Melpathur, in his youthful days, led a reckless life and as a result, he was attacked by rheumatism while he was only twenty-five. All sorts of known treatment proved to be of no avail and life appeared to be a curse.

Completely disappointed, he had recourse even to expiatory rites but he could not get any relief at last he came to Guruvayur. He might have heard of Poonthanam who was then at Guruvayur engaged in his visionary project of seeking to recover his deceased son by Bhajanam? (Seva). No sooner did he reach there, than a metamorphosis came over him. He immediately started worshipping lord Guruvayurappan by earnest Bhajanam and as if inspired by the holy atmosphere of this Bhoolokavaikundham. Started composing Narayaneeyam and completed his work on the hundredth day. As he completed the last stanza with the word “Ayurarogyasowkhyam “ he found himself, not only recovered completely from his disease but also blessed with a renovated life, sound health and consummate happiness Ayurarogyasowkhyam denotes the kalidina also, the date on which Narayaneeyam was completed. Accordingly it was on 28th vrichikam 763 me (27. 11. 1586). The mysterious healing of this reknowned scholar and great poet and also his conversion to bhakthi, attracted the attention of everyone, far and wide, to Guruvayur and the fame of Guruvayur as a healing centre spread everywhere. Now, not only the rheumatics but all who are afflicted both in mind and body, come here seeking solace


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