Kurooramma and Vilwamangalam

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offeringKurooramma and Vilwamangalam were two earnest and pious devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan. They were contemporaries and cousins. Like Poonthanam, the eternal child. Kurooramma became a widow before she was blessed to be a mother and in those days, a Brahmin lady, once a widow was cursed to live a widow forever. So she adopted “Balakrishna “as her son.

” May the little lad dark and lovely, the supreme Brahman of the Vedas, appear before me in all his, splendor, with flute held to his childish lips “was her constant prayer?

And he lived with her always as her son, to be fondled, to be scolded when naughty and ready to return to her son, to be fondled, to be scolded when naughty, and ready to return to her to console her when she became distressed because of his running away. Before Vilwamangalam also HE used to appear every day, at the close of his daily worship. One day, the lord appeared rather late and all over his body there was soot and dirt. When asked why he was so late and so begrimed, he replied “Kurooramma was keeping me confined in a jar; she released me only just now”

As he wanted to test Vilwamangalam’s patience, he often used to annoy him with his childish pranks. One day it exceeded all limits and Vilwamanglam, having become impatient, brushed him aside with the back of the palm. To sweep something with the back of the palm is considered to be irreverent and HE felt offended; immediately vanished saying “Now, you can meet me next in Ananthankad;” Distressed, Vilwamangalam went in search of Ananthankad and at last, completely exhausted, reached the outskirts of a forest, when his heart leapt up hearing the rhythmic tinkling of the bells on HIS girdle; Vilwamangalam followed the sound and at last HE by presenting himself before the devotee as Ananthasay!


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