Bhajanam at home by mother for the child

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Bhajanam at home by mother for the childIt was sometime in 1940. The three year old child of a couple of Ooty was attacked by the dreaded disease, polio. The parents tried all the available allopathic treatments, with little avail. The case of the child became completely hopeless and the desperate parents took the child to an ayurvedic physician. The doctor was sure that the poor Child was fated to pass away shortly.

But he did not want to reveal this to the unfortunate parents instead he prescriber a course of forty days Bhajanam before Lord Guruvayurappan. But he felt, the condition of the child was so bad that even the journey to Guruvayur would be a mere waste. So he advised the parents to perform the bajanam in their house, sitting before the picture of lord.

Guruvayurappan and a lighted lamp and placing the child in the lap of the mother. They lost no time in starting the Bhajanam as directed by the doctor. She repeated the sacred name of the lord one thousand times in the morning and also in the evening and thus when the Bhajanam preceded, the child started to grow better to grow better. The mother dully completed the bhajanam and by that time, the child had already begun to walk. The parents took the child to the doctor again for further treatment as had been advised by him earlier. So immense was their relief that they had brought a good sum to be paid to the doctor as his fee. The doctor could not believe the story! But the very proof of it, the child itself, was standing before him! He declined to receive any fee. With folded hands, he said:”your child was; cured by Lord Guruvayurappan and not by me! Go and worship Him and give whatever you can, to HIM as your offering”



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