Health and wealth

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guruvayur_offering.jpgThe Brahmin Uriamadhom was suffering from acute rheumatism, which caused him to be carried from place in an ure (a basket suspended by coir. ) His madham (residence) became uri and he was called Uriamadhom. As all his attempts for the cure of the disease proved to be of no avail, as a last resort, he was brought to Guruvayur. He had brought with him a bag full of gold and silver to be offered to the lord after he was cured. He used to take the bag with him always

even to the tank, while he was bathing. One day, he was, as usual, bathing, keeping his bag of gold and silver of the step.Even while he was being taken to the water by his servant, he had an eye on the bag. Suddenly a stranger swooped down upon the bag and ran off with it. Forgetting all about his physical inability, Uriamadam swept aside his servants and dashed to chase the stanger! But he was stopped by an asareery “(aerial voice) stop! Stop! Be content! Thou didst pray for health! Both are granted!”
Uriamadam’s robber was poor Brahmin, who was struggling hard to make both ends meet. One day he saw a dream, in which Lord Guruvayurappan told him,” go to tank; there is a bag of gold! Take it and live! “And he did not hesitate to do as directed by the Lord!

Keep your word

However trivial it may be, one must keep one’s word; and Lord Guruvayurappan insists upon that, forgetfulness will be punished by relapses. Once, it is said that, Sriprakash, Governor of Madras, had an attack of lever. When he became helplessly bedridden, he prayed that he would go to Guruvayur for Darsan, when he recovered. But when he was cured, he forgot his vow, amidst his varied official responsibilities. But the Lord did not forget it! The Governor had a relapse; but he failed to remember his vow. A second relapse! And this made him remember! It is said that, when he was cured, without any notice, he rushed to Guruvayur, to fulfill his vow.



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