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ManjulalManjulal was a virtuous and devout girl belong to Variyar caste Every night she used to bring garlands for the Lord. One day she was late and the temple got closed. She could reach only up to the banyan tree (from where elephant race starts during Utsavam), and started feeling guilty. Poonthanam, on his way back from the temple saw her crying near the banyan tree. He comforted her and said that she could place the garland on the stone at the foot of the banyan tree, since the Lord is everywhere. She was convinced, kept the garland there and went home with satisfaction. Next day morning, the Melsanthi removed all the garlands from the idol, but one garland remained stuck on the idol. The devotees were puzzled but Poonthanam realised last night’s event. It was the garland, which Manjula had placed on the stone at the foot of the banyan tree.
Poonthanam told the story to everyone and then the garland slipped down from the idol. Devotees started chanting the name of the Lord and struggled to collect the flowers from the garland. Worshipers went to the banyan tree to offer their obeisance. Since then, the banyan tree came to be known as Manjulal.


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