Administration of Guruvayur Temple

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administration The Administrative office is functioning in the new Sreepadmam building from 1997. In the present set-up there is no yogam. The ancient families all except Mallisseri have become extinct. On 9th March 1971, the Government of Kerala introduced an Act , known as the Guruvayur Devaswom Act, replacing the Trusteeship by a Managing Committee, nominated by the Hindu Ministers in the State Cabinet. The day-to-day administration is to be looked after by an Administrator appointed by the Government.

The Managing Committee includes, the Zamorin Raja, the Mallisseri Namboodiri and the Tantri of the temple along with other members. Due to the High Court directive that the Act should be revamped, the 1971 Act was replaced by 1978 Act. According to 1978 Act, the Managing Committee consists of 9 members - The Zamorin Raja, Mallisseri Namboodiri, the Tantri, a representative of the Devaswom employees and five more persons of whom one should be a scheduled caste member. The six non-traditional members are appointed by the Hindu ministers of Kerala Government of which one will be the Chairman of the Managing Committee. The committee elects the administrator from the panel of names given by the Government. The administrator should not be below the rank of Deputy collector. The Administrator acts as the Secretary of the Managing Committee and the Chief Executive of the Devaswom.


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