Mahathmya of the Idol

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guruvayurappanGenerally temples have idols made of dark granite but the idol of Guruvayurappan is made out of a rare pataalanjana sila and hence extremely divine. This image of Lord Krishna was once worshipped by the supreme God Vishnu himself in vaikundha. He handed it over to Brahma gave it to suthapas and he, in turn gave it to kasyapaprajapathy. Kasyapa handed it over to Vasudeva, the father of Sree Krishna and from Vasudeva it reached Sree Krishna himself Sree Krishna kept it in Dwaraka and worshiped it, and at the time of his ascension to heaven, he directed Uddhava to tell Brihaspathy – the preceptor of Gods –to take the idol, which would be seen above the waters when Dwaraka got submerged and install it in a proper place for all the people to worship and get salvation in kaliyuga.


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