Mahathmya of the installation

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Brihaspathy Brihaspathy, helped by Vayu went throughout the world, in search of the most holy and; suitable place. Then at the invitation of Parasurama, they came to kerala and reached Rudratheetha where Siva was doing tapas. Divining the purpose of Guru and Vayu, Siva came up from the water, received them and told them “this is the most holy place you are searching for”. I have been doing penance here for the last so many yugas. It was here that prachethas did tapas and it was here that I gave the upadesa of Rudrageetha. This place had been marked out long ago for the divine idol of Narayana worshipped by Narayana himself. I shall most gladly leave this place and reside with Parvathy on the opposite bank at Mammiyur.Siva then asked Guru and Vayu to perform the installation, and when in the presence of parsurama it was carried out he worshipped the idol and turning to Guru and Vayu blessed them and said blessed art thou! From this day, place will be called after you “Guruvayur”Worshipping the idol again and blessing Guru and Vayu, Siva left the place for Mammiyur. After paying his obeisance. Parasurama also left the place. It is in memory of this that worships in Guruvayur will be complete and accomplished only with a worship of Mammiyur Siva also.
The installation of the idol was held in the in the month of Kumba. The rites were begun on the pushya (star) and completed on the anuradha (star). After the installation Guru and Vayu invited Vishwakarma the architect of Gods to build the temple. He designed and constructed the temple in such a subtle way that on the day of Vishu, the sun will rise prostrating the lord, causing his rays to fall on the feet of the lord. A special feature of the installation here is that devotees can worship the Lord Sreeguruvayurappan from the eastern nadappura, which is 100 meters away from the sanctum sanctorum.
As the idol which was once being worshipped by Mahavishnu himself in Vaikundha is here now with all its divine chaithanya, Guruvayur is a bholokavaikundha, the heaven of heavens on the earth


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