Mahathmya of locality

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temple Guruvayur is made divine by the prolonged Tapas by both Siva and prachethas in the Rudratheertha which is now Arattukulam of Lord Guruvayurappan. Under the waters of the Rudratheertha Siva was worshipping Maha

Vishnu. To this place came Prachetas, as directed by his father Pracheenabarhis. Foreseeing the object of Pracheethas Siva came up from the water and imparted to him the Rudrageetha in praise of Mahavishnu and disappeared in to water, to resume his Tapas. Prachetas standing in the Rudratheertha started worshipping Mahavishnu. At the end of ten thousand years Mahavishnu appeared before him and granted his wish for a virtuous son. The child born was Dakshaprajapathy.



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