Guruvayur Arattu

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ArattuAs the Lord is tired by the pallivetta, the temple opens next day (tenth day), only after 6.00 am. The usual rituals are done except Usha pooja. There are

two Utsava vigrahas, one of silver and other of gold. The former is older and taken out only on this occasion. Arattu procession starts at about 6.30 pm and comes out from the Eastern Gopuram . The procession moves along south lane and turns towards Western Gopuram. It goes round Rudratheertham (holy water tank) and comes to Athani (porter’s rest) , set in memory of Kantiyur Pattar. Procession halts for a minute there and silence is observed. Then it comes to Edatharikathu Bhagavaty’s shrine.
Arattu then proceeds to Rudratheertham for abhishekam with tender coconut water brought by the Kittai of Thampuran Patikkal. The Tantri takes a dip with the silver Utsava vigraha in the Rudratheertham and soon after that thousands of people also take dip in it. Again the Utsava vigraha mounts on elephant and it enters Kizhakke Gopuram and Oottapradikshinam (running circumambulation ) takes place. The rounds run are seven on kodiyettam day, nine on the pallivetta and eleven on the Arattu day. These are the most thrilling events of the Guruvayur Utsavam. The Elephant runs round the temple eleven times and people follow it with good spirit. After the eleventh round the Utsava vigraha is taken inside. The Pisharodi shouts to invite complaints, if no one comes forward the flag is held down, and the festival ends here.


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