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The three seevelees

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SeeveliThe lord himself comes out from the sreekovil and stands witnessing the offering paid to his Celestial attended, thrice a day. He offering is paid to the attended round the sreekovil first.The Melsanthi will precede offering flowers and nivedyam and kizhsanthi will flow carrying the seevelithidambu.

They will then come out and the Kizhsanthi will the Thidambu.They will then come out and the kizhsanthi with the Thidambu will mount on the elephant waiting there. Ready fully caparisoned. The celestial attendants outside also will receive his attention now. The procession of the Lord on the elephants with six silver kuthuvilakku on side and drums, cymbals and pipes will follow the Melsanthi who will give offering to the celestial attendants. While most of the other kerala temples will have seeveli with elephants, only during annual festivals, here it is a daily feature. And on festivals days, this will be more elaborate, with three or five elephants. All the lamps on the vilakkumadam are lighted for the night seeveli.


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