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Annual Utsavam

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The divine chaithanya of a temple may, by some reason or other, be impaired, and this has, to be reinforcement every year. Annul utsava is the reinforcement of this divine chaithanya, and therefore it is a must for every Temple. Utsava enables devotees to get together at least once in a year, which helps them to enhance individual faith,

by satsanga.It is believed that the lord will be present wherever five devotees assemble. So, for every five devotees, the divine chaithanya also will be doubled, and the spiritual importance of the temple will correspondingly be increased. Here, all the day to day poojas are being performed to the very letter of the sastras and with utmost suddhi and devotion, and the annual utsava is being conducted with all its detailed celebrations, so that the divine chaithanya not only remains unimpaired, but also keeps on increasing. No wonder, Guruvayur temple remains a centre of attraction for the devotees, and the number of devotees increases every day.
The Guruvayur Temple utsava may be called the festival of festivals. It is ten day celebration of joy in the lord from Anayottam and Kodiyettam on the first day and Arattu on the last day and an eight day Sahasrakalasam also conducted before the utsavam starts.


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