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On the first day of utsavam morning seeveli is conducted without Elephant. This reminds devotees of those days when no elephant were owned by the Guruvayur Devaswom. , on the afternoon of an utsavam, elephants properly decorated at Thrikkanamathilakam temple festival ran all the way to Guruvayur.

In memory of this now the Devaswom conducts the elephant race at 3 ‘o’ clock from Manjulal to the temple on the first day of the utsavam. Later in the evening acharyavaranam, pooja at flag post is followed by ceremonial flag hoisting. The valikku of that day is called “kodioppurathu vilakku”. Next day morning before seeveli the Dikkukodikal will be erected after proper pooja by the othikkans and Thanthri. Then seeveli will be started. Everyday there’ll be three seevelies, one in the morning and one at night. Everyday there will be two sreeboothabalies, one in the morning and one at night. At the time of sreeboothabalies the lord will be placed in the decorated gold Pazhukkamandapam for the darsan of devotees. The sreeboothabalies in the morning is after pantheerady pooja and in the night it is after athazhapooja. In the morning the sreeboothabali darsan is inside and in the night it is at northern nadappura. The gramapradakshinam of the lord will be done on the ninth day of the utsavam. Pallinayattu will be conducted on the ninth day after gramapradakshinam and after the pallinayattu pallikkurupp will be done in the mukamandapam. The temple will be opened at 8 am only, on the arattu day. On the ninth and tenth day of the utsavam the deeparadhana will be done in the eastern nadappura by the kizhsanthies. After the gramapradakshinam on the last day of utsavam the lord will visit the Bagavathy temple for arattu and uchapooja. After the arattu the lord returns to the temple. After the Anayottam the flag-post will be released. And utsavam will be over. The children below five years will not be permitted to enter in the chuttambalam in these periods (1st day of Kalasam to the last day of utsavam)


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