Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple

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Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple is a Hindu temple in Kaviyoor,Kerala, India dating back over 1000 years. It is commonly called Thrikkaviyoor Mahadeva Temple. The main deity is Lord Mahadeva (Shiva and Vishnu) and the Temple is also known for its Hanuman temple. This is one of the famous major temples of Travancore Devaswom Board under Thiruvalla group of temples.


Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple has a unique style of architecture and is one of the oldest of the Mahadeva temples in Kerala.
It is believed to have been constructed in the early years of the 10th century and the 'Kaviyoor Shasanas' of 950 AD has references to the gifts that were offered to this temple. But the actual time of construction is not known,like any other old temples. Certainly, this temple belongs to the oldest period of strucural temples.
There are two inscriptions on the basement of the main sanctum dated 950 & 951 AD. The Sasanaas are surely an addition, since they were written after the temple was constructed.
It stands on a small hillock and is built in the gable style architecture peculiar to Kerala. Several historians, like Stella Kramrich has this opinion. The perfect round Sreekovil with Sandhara style and its peculiar basement clarifies this opinion.


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