Shrimath Anantheshwar Siva Temple

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Located at Manjeswaram (15kms from the town), Shrimath Anantheshwar Temple traditionally renowned as Manjula Kshetra is the most ancient temple of Gowda Saraswat Brahmins, enclosed between hills on three sides and river Manjeswar on the other side. Dates back to 2nd century, the uniqueness of the temple is that it has three presiding deities, i.e Anantheshwara (Lord Shiva), Bhadra Narasimha (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and Lord Subramanya in the same sanctum sanctorum. The image of Shiva is believed to be an 'Udbhava' or 'Swayambhoo' (Self emergent) and the image of Narasimha is made of Panchaloha (five metals).
Another specialty of the temple is the ant hill called 'Rohini' inside the sanctorum. Besides the main deities, other idols enshrined here are Lord Mukhyaprana, Lord Rudra, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh and Lord Garuda. To the right of the temple there is a sacred pond and it is believed that a dip in this sesha tirtham will cure the leprosy patients.
Manjeshwar Shashti, the main temple festival falls on the sixth day of the month of 'Margshirha' (November- December), is celebrated as the annual Chariot Festival. On this day, the six wheeled chariot called Brahma Ratha decorated with flowers and flags is drawn along the street by thousands of devotees. Built in 1834, the ratha with a girth of 53 feet and a square base of 17 feet is a magnificent wooden edifice adorned with carved figures and when decorated, the girth raises to a height of 71 feet. Lord's idol is placed above the square base and the devotees pull the chariot with shouts of Govinda-Govinda. The chariot can accommodate around 50 to 60 persons. 


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