Ernakulam Siva Temple

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In front of the Siva temple in Ernakulam there lies the Cochin backwaters. The deity faces westward and enjoys the beauty of the sea.

It has been an accepted fact that the origin of the Malayalam languages is partly from Tamil. At the time of the construction of the temple the language used at this place was Tamil so that the people called the Lord as ‘Erayanar'.

In the days gone by Ernakulam was a village where there were many canals, small landscapes, backwaters and even small woods. So the spot where the temple was constructed had got the name ‘Erayanarkulam' later became Ernakulam. But popular legendary story tells us another version as follows:-

The age ‘Kulu' who was observing strict penance on the Himalayas had a disciple called ‘devalan'. Once he behaved defiantly against the sage, his ‘guru'. So the sage cursed him to become a serpant. There upon he was known as ‘Hrishinaga'. In order to evade from the curse, as it was advised by the sage, he had to fetch the Sivalinga kept by other serpent in the behula forest. So he set out in search of the idol. He covered a long distance and at last came to the forest where he found teh idol. He took it cunningly from the serpent. On his return journey, he stopped at a place where there was a pond. He placed the idol on the bank adn took a bath. Then he bowed before the idol on the bank and took a bath. The he bowed before the idol and offred prayers and incantations. But when he tried to take up the idol he found that it had been fixed firmly to the ground. He tried his best but failed. Since Hrishinaga worshipped the idol, he gained deliverance from all worldly bonds. So the place was known as Hrishinagakulam, where the present Lord Siva's temple had been cropped up and in course of time the name of the place was shortened to form Ernakulam.



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