Varkala Janardhan Temple

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Kerala is well known as a land specially blessed by nature. Thought it is sometimes designated as ‘The Kashmir of the South' (in the olden days), it si distinctly more than that. It represents a happy blending of the wonderful beauties of land and sea which is found nowhere in India .

Varkala, a sea side town, also known as Janardanam, is a sacred pilgrim centre situated near Thiruvananthapruam in Kerala, and is famous for its ancient temple of Krihna , who is popularly called as Janardana. In Sri Maha Bhavatham, mention is made that balarama, the elder brother of Sri Krishna, visited this shrine during this pilgrimage to Kanya kumari temple and also a few other temple in the south. Also, it is as ‘the Gaya of the South'. Varkala has many attractions peculiar to the place and draws hundreds of pilgrims and visitors all the year round.

Saga Narada, after paying his respects to Sri.Narayana, left Vaikuntam to see Brahma. Enraptured by the sweet music of Narada, Narayana followed him unobserved. When Narada reached Brahmaloka, Brahma saw Narayana following his son Narada reached Brahmaloka, Brahma saw Narayana following his son Narada, and offered salutations to Him, at which Vishnu, realising the awkward situation, suddenly disappeared. Brahma found that the person whom he had revered was his own son, Narada.

The prajeapathis who were laughing at this incident were cursed by Brahma that they would be born on earth and suffer the miseries of human beings. Narada advised them to perform penance at the place he himself would select for them. Narada threw his ‘Valkalam' (bark upper garment0 into the air and at the place where it fell down, they consecrated a temple for Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu. Hence the name Varkala is a corruption of‘Valkala', but the name came into prominent usage.
The temple of Sri Janardana is situated on the summit of a table-land


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