Vishnumaya Puliyampulli Temple

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  Idol : Vishnumaya
Location : Valappad
  Dist From Gvr : 25 Km
  Upadevas :
  Sri Kaali

The only ritual temple in South India visited by Lakhs of people for getting prosperity, success and victory in personal, official and business activities Udesha karyam, shathru dosham, find out your enemies everything about past and future.

Your also welcome to know about business, job, Industrial development, viraha yojip, marriage attractions, blessing to earn children's.......victory against your enemies, cheating, family problems.

Showing the marks when receive chathan seva avoiding badhas without separation of any religion every one welcome to the place where spreading mercy full blessings.

Mammiyur Devaswom,
P.O Guruvayur - 680 101 Thrissur, Kerala, South India.

Phone :  + 91487 - 2555425

Cell :     + 91487 - 2550169

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