Panchavadi Maha Kshethram

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  Idol :  Sree Shankara Narayana
Location : Edakkazhiyoor
  Dist From Gvr :  8 Km
  Upadevas :
  Sankaranarayana, Dharmasastha,
  Ganapathy,Devi,Dakshinamoorthy  Ganapathy,
  Dempathy Rakshassu,Naga, Guru Samathy

Sankara and Narayana do not dwell always everywhere, at least not in a manner recognized and revered by humans. One place where they do is Panchavadi Sankaranarayana Shrine. It is as unique as this coastal village, Edakkazhiyur, is unprepossessing. Drive up, seven kilometers northward from Chavakkad along the National Highway, and you are there where resides this unusual duality of deities.

As long as human memory goes, it has been around. Thousands throng there, more particularly on Amavasi of Thulam, to perform bali for an unknown succession of ancestors, building unbeknown to them a creative bridge, between the past and present. Among those who turned up for the ritual in one blessed day were the revered sages who could see things invisible, hear things inaudible. They saw that day in what was then only a Siva shrine with an idol in anjana stone, the divine presence of Narayana as well as Sankara. So began the re-emergence of the shrine as a premise of divine duality.

Address:  Panchavadi Sree Sankaranarayana Kshethra Bharanasangam Regd: No: 705/91 P.O. Edakkazhiyoor - Chavakkad (Via) Thrissur - 680 515

Phone :  0487 2615950

Cell :    9995 102 709 (  President:  V.M. Viswanadhan )

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