Chowallur Siva Temple

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Chowallur siva Temple or Mahadeva Temple, as it is called is famed to be over 1500 years old. Located approximately three kilometers away form the popular pilgrim spot, the Sreekrishna Temple of Guruvayur, the Chowallur temple is yet another significant pilgrimage center for saints and seekers alike Considered to be one of the 108 Sivalayas consecrated by Lord Parasurama, the fascinating legends linked to the Chowallur temple bear testimony to the ancestry and age of this temple. Lord Siva, the deity of Sree Vadakunnatha Temple, Thrissur, is said to have manifested himself on an umbrella carried by one of his beloved devotees, a pious old Namboodiri from Chowallur, who used to walk all the way to Thrissur to have daily Darshan of the Lord.
When His Devotee became too old to visit Him regularly, the Lord is said to have accompanied him to his home in Chowallur. A temple was constructed at the very place where the Lord appeared to His Devotee. People living in the vicinity of the temple till date, believe that they have a divine protection from Snake Poison because of the presence of Pannagabhushana or Lord Siva. A unique feature of this temple is that in the two-tiered Srikovil or Sanctum Sanctorum, the idol of Lord Shiva is seen facing west, while that of His consort Sri Parvathy, faces east, showering blessings in all directions. The Sapthamaathrukkal' , a precious black stone idol symbolizing the seven divine mothers is also worshipped in the temple in the form of idols made of Krishnasila , yet another rare phenomenon.


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