Oachira Temple

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The Oachira Temple is an extremely ancient temple located in Oachira in Kollam district in the South Indian state of Kerala. The temple is one of the famous sacred places of Kerala and in India. Oachira is on the border of Kollam and Allappuzha districts, next to the National Highway 47. This very ancient pilgrimage center is centered on the ParaBrahma temple (that is dedicated to the Para Brahman (or Param Brahman) or OHMKARAM, the Universal Consciousness), and covers thirty-six acres of land. Every year the Oachira Vrischikam Festival is celebrated during the month of December/January. Oachirakkali is a famous ritual performed here during June and it involves mock-fighting in muddy water by traditional martial art experts. And "Erupathattam onam" (28 days after Onam) is also celebrated. It is the festival of cattles. In this festival, huge "EDUPPU KALA" (Gigantic Bull shaped structures) are made. They are then pulled on giant wheels to the OACHIRA TEMPLE from the site where they are made. Normally there are around 50 such structures. It is the biggest festival in "Onattu Kara" which is an area of a few square miles. 'OACHIRAKKALI' was actually a war exercise performed annually by soldiers of Kayamkulam Raja. Nearby about 108 Kalaries were in 52 karas up to the beginning of 20 th century. Soldiers belonging to the above Karas met together at Oachira at the Malayalam month of Mithuna every year and performing war like exercises. This is what is called Oachirakkali. During the years of the Kayamkulam Rajah Oachirakkali was started after the blessings of near by Nambiathiris, high order Nambudiri Brahmins, having the knowledge of Dhanurveda (the Science of Arms) and experts in Smrithy Sasthras.


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