Idol: Vishnu
Location : Sree NarayanamangalamMahavishnu Kshethram
Tholanur Post, Palakkad Dt
Dist From Gvr :
Upadevas :
Ganapathi, Ayyappa,  Bhagavathi

Sree Narayanamangalam Mahavishnu Temple, as the very name elicits, is the abode of Lord Mahavishnu and is a highly revered one. According to the Legends, the idol worshipped here is more than a thousand years old. But there are no historical records to establish it. However ravages of time took its toll on the structure of the temple. This temple is the dwelling place of Lord Mahavishnu who is believed to be present along with Goddess Lakshmi and it is believed that the deity is full of kindness to those who depend on him and that he never lets down any devotee in trying times and graces them to lead the peaceful and prosperous life. People suffering from various ailments come to this temple from far and near for solace.

Sree NarayanamangalamMahavishnu Kshethram
Tholanur Post, Palakkad Dt
Kerala State, India
Pin: 678722


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