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EntertainmentThere are four Cinema Theaters in Guruvayur. Variety of movies, classic as well as popular, are run in these theaters including with the great effect of DTS and clarity of Satellite transmission.


Devaki cinemas studio 1 - Guruvayur
Noon Show  12:00:00 PM Anegan
Matinee  2:45:00 PM Anegan
First Show  6:00:00 PM Anegan
Second Show  9:00:00 PM Anegan
Devaki cinemas studio 2 - Guruvayur
Noon Show  12:00:00 PM Ennai Arinthal
Matinee  2:45:00 PM Ennai Arinthal
First Show  6:00:00 PM Ennai Arinthal
Second Show  9:00:00 PM Ennai Arinthal
Appas Theater - Guruvayur
Noon Show 11:45:00 PM fire man
Matinee 2:45:00 PM fire man
First Show 6:00:00 PM fire man
Second Show 9:00:00 PM fire man
Balakrishna Theater - Guruvayur
Noon Show 12:00:00 PM bachan
Matinee 3:00:00 PM bachan
First Show 6:30:00 PM bachan
Second Show 9:30:00 PM bachan
Jayasree Theater - Guruvayur
Noon Show 12:00:00 PM RENOVATION
Matinee 2:45:00 PM RENOVATION
First Show 6:30:00 PM RENOVATION
Second Show 9:30:00 PM RENOVATION

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