The award of veerashriinghala

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Now Padmanabhan was famous throughout Kerala and the Maharaja of Ambalappuzha often requested him to be sent there. The authorities of Guruvayur refused this under some pretext or other and when the Maharaja started

to ask for him repeatedly, they at last decided to send him.Accordingly, Padmanabhan was sent to Ambalapuzha for the utsava there. At first, when he reached there, he did not make ; much impression in the minds of the people. But when the utsava procession was started and the thidambu was placed on this head, the whole of the devotees assembled there, including the Maharaja, were astounded. There Padmanabhan was standing in his full statue showing his “viswaroopa “. The enchanted Maharaja witnessed this magnificent sight on all 14 days of the utsava and on the last day, the Maharaja came forward, and before the thidambu was taken down, placed on his right tusk, a precious prize, a veerashringhala”(One kind of award)”The last : Now, with all his glory, Padmanabhan was coming back from Ambalappuzha. But when he reached puzhakkal, near Trichur, the mahout got the order from the authorities that he was to be taken to Kannampra for the vela (utsavam) there. Accordingly, they turned him and directed him to kick down a palm-tree. He tried once, but the palm tree did not budge. He felt reluctant to try again, perhaps, because he was so exhausted by his long journey from Ambalapuzha. But the mahout goaded him, compelled him and even beat him. Padmanabhan fiercely pushed the palm-tree and felled it. But, alas suddenly he also fell to the opposite side, he breathed his last. The sandal paste, adoring the idol of lord Guruvayurappan was seen next day completely shattered and fallen down. This was in 1931.
Only his two huge tusks and teeth were brought back to Guruvayur. There is a huge “suvarnathidampu”(kolam)-thidambu made of pure gold – in the temple, which will be taken out and used in the procession during Guruvayur Ekadasi festival and also during the annual utsava, from the 6th day onwards till utsava is over. And even now the Veerashringhala award to Padmanbhan is placed on this Suvarnathidampu to adorn it.


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