Fight with two

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On another occasion, Padmanabhan was taken to Ernakulam for the utsava. All the elephants there used to be taken to the backwaters for washing and there was a washing ghat meant for elephants where there was a washing

ghat meant for elephants where there was a long slopping way reaching the water.The mahout took Padmanabhan also there for washing. At that time, ’Akavoor Govindan and the Ottakkomban ‘ (single tusker),two huge elephants of the day notorious for their spitefulness and atrocities, were already there being washed. Though very spiteful between themselves, they were very friendly. Their washing was almost over and the mahouts wanted Padmanabhan to be held back for a while warning that their elephants were dangerous. ” Padmanabhan’s mahouts replied that they too had a similar one with them and fully confident of his valor, they goaded him to the water Ottakkompan felt this to be a bit insolent and he immediately rose from the water and started coming up, ready for anything Akavoor Govindan following. Sure of his steps, Padmanabhan proceeded and before Ottakkompan could do anything, caught hold of his single tusk and pushed him with all his might Subjected to this unexpected attack, Ottakkompan lost his ground, fell back on to Akavoor Govindan and in the next second, both the elephants fell back to the water. As if nothing had happened, Padmanabhan went down to the water, moved aside a little and standing there started taking water full in his trunk and putting on his back.


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