Won without fight

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Once, Padmanabhan was taken to perumanam, near Trichur, for the famous Peruvanam pooram. There, the custom was that fourteen elephants, fully caparisoned would be arrayed in two rows of seven each, standing face to face. On one side,

Padmanabhan was in the middle with the thidambu of Oorakathamma on him, and just opposite to him was standing the famous “Kirangat Kesavan” another renowned elephant of the day. Very proud of himself, kirangat Kesavan could not tolerate Padmanabhan carrying the thidambu of Oorakathamma and immediately he turned and attacked the elephants on his left and right. In the great confusion and hubbub that followed, the mahouts lost control over their elephants and all the huge tuskers, except Kirangat Kesavan and Padmanabhan, run away, causing great alarm ; everywhere. As if he did not want to create a scene, Padmanabhan moved aside a little and stood by the side of a wall. But Kesavan was not prepared to leave things like that. Like a proud knight meeting his opponent in the arena, Kesavan, roaring aloud, approached Padmanabhan. Quite majestically, Padmanabhan stood there unmoved, but sufficiently alert, and when Kesavan almost reached near him, he rolled the end of his long trunk and slapped fiercely on the ground four or five times repeatedly, and screeched aloud, ferociously. Though blind with anger, Kirangat Kesavan was sensible enough to realize fully the meaning of Padmanabhan’s warning and without moving a single step forward, he turned and silently went away. Here, Kesavan was bowing his eminent head before the superiority of Padmanabhan, and soon the whole thing was brought under control and the pooram went on peacefully.


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