A sleepless night

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Once, the annual utsavam was going on in the temple. It was the important sixth day of the ustava and the procession of the lord was in full swing. Padmanabhan was in the middle of the array of elephants, with the thidambu

on his head.All the elephants were standing immersed in the rhythm of the Panchavadya waving their ears, and hunders of devotees were inside the temple, enjoying the featival. All on a sudden, Padmanabhan became wild and started running amock. A loud hue and cry follower and people somehow or other escaped from inside the temple through the gopuram and in the confusion that ensued all the other elephants also were led outside. Those who were on the back of Padmanabhan holding umbrella, alavattom and venchamaram jumped down unhurt, and took to their heals. Manjara Nambudiri was still on his back, holding the thidambu of lord Guruvayurappan and he was not prepare to leave it even at the risk of his own life. But the mystery was that Padmanabhan was running, careless of any of these confusions and loud cries, around the temple and thus he ran eleven rounds, in proper circumambulation and suddenly turned and ran thrice around in anti – circumambulation. While running thus, he did not hurt anybody nor did he destroy even a little lamp. All the while the mahouts where running after him with sufficient precautions, trying chain him but they could not. Then has if noting had happened, he came out of the temple through the eastern gopuram and the Manjara Namboothiri was rescued by somebody who was hiding in the gopuram. Padmanabhan, then, straight when to the sathram compound and stud in a corner, but not alloying anybody to approach him. Thus he remained unchained through out the night in the sathram compound. During that night he did not allow anybody in Guruvayur to sleep in their beds; and yet he did not create any havoc.


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