Guruvayur Padmanabhan

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Padmanabhan was brought to Guruvayur Cherukunnath Nambudiri as his devout offering and was offered to lord Guruvayurappan after performing the proper function of “Nadayirutthal”. The legend goes that this Namboothiri

had no children and he was spending his tearful days lamenting over his sad plight.Then, Kunhikkavu Nambudiri, the ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, who was famous for his puranaparayanam, (Reading puranams), advised Cherukunnath Nambudiri that lord Guruvayurappan would bless him with children if he offered him an elephant. Accordingly Cherukunnath Nambudiri came to Guruvayur, performed Bhajanam and promised to offer him an elephant, if he was blessed with children Lord Guruvayurappan showered his blessings on Cherukunnath Nambudiri who offered him an elephant and called him Padmanabhan.

When Padmanabhan was brought to Guruvayur there were only one or two elephants here. As cherkunnath illom was swelled with more and more children with HIS blessings, the number of elephants in Guruvayur temple also increased one by one with the coming of Padmanabhan.

Padmanabhan grew, through years, to be the most important of all elephants in Kerala. And wherever he was taken for an utsava he was to be given the most prominent place in the possession. If he was present, it was his privilege to carry on his head the Thidambu soon as the thidambu was laced on his head to the maximum, so that he would appear to be the highest in the whole array of elephants. This posture would continue till the thidambu was taken down after the procession, and thus he was able to maintain his kingly posture everywhere.

Not only in appearance was he kingly, but in character also. Always sedate, sober and serious, he was very grave, and unmindful of all sorts of childish pranks. If somebody tried to annoy or disturb him, he would frighten them by showing his viswaroopam (original size) and make them take to their heels. But he had never caused any injury to anybody throughout his lifetime.

There are numerous stories of telling interest dealing with the astonishing incidents in the life of this eminent elephant.


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