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Gajendramoksham It happened during the famous Guruvayur Ekadasi festival in 1976. On the navami day with all the lamps lighted with pure ghee; the navami vilakku is considered to be very sacred. The grant procession a just started.

Gajarajan Kesavan was, in the heavenly atmosphere, gleaming divinely, with the golden thidambu on his head. But this majestic poster lasted only for some time. The whole body of kesavan started shivering. He was seen completely upset. The thidambu was changed to the elephant standing next to him and slowly he was led outside. Reaching the kovilakam compound nearby, where from he could see the temple and the golden flag mast, he stood there motionless, as if immersed in lord Guruvayurappan in no time, and expert doctors arrived and started their treatment. All the mahouts also were there, trying their best, tempting him to eat something. But he cared for nothing. It appeared that he only wanted that nobody should disrobe him from his solemn penance. The mahouts placed a huge vessel before him and filed it with water, so that he could drink it, if and when require. But he did not touch it.

Next day was Dasami. Gajarajan continued poster, ignoring all sorts of treatment entreaties. Anxious people kept waiting up on him by turn. The Dasami Vilakku was in full swing and the whole atmosphere of the temple was tumultuous. The procession in connection with the Dasami vilakku had just started. In the familiar rhythm of the Melam kesavan suddenly open his eyes and unawares swung his ears. Now, he remembered that it was exactly at this hour on the previous day that he came out of the temple and started his penance. It is time for him to get ready. But it was not for drinking. He poured (like an abhishekam to Lord)the water. And then stood motionless, facing the temple, immersed in the solemn thought of his lord to mingle with him, eternally.

It was the dawn of holy Guruvayur Ekadasi day. It was on this day that he appeared in His Viswaroopa before Arjuna. It was on; this day that he appeared before Melpathur, after which the poet sang spontaneously “Agrepasyami” Now, he might have appeared in his Viswaroopa before Gajarajan also. For, it appeared that, for a moment the whole universe stood still! A moment! The sound of the holy conch from the temple! Guruvayur Ekadasi day. And the sreekovil was opened for darsan Gajarajan was now lying with his trunk stretched towards the lord. The soul of Gajarajan had already mingled with him, the eternal soul.


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