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Once he was in forest, some 80kms. Away from Guruvayur, removing timber and then he became wild. He refused to obey his mahouts, broke the chain to pieces and straight away started walking

along the busy streets of the towns on the way, to Guruvayur.

The authorities at Guruvayur were immediately informed of it and they rushed by car to the spot. The car was passing through a very narrow road just then they saw the wild Kesavan coming straight at them, with the mahouts running at a safe distance. They had but to leave the car on the road to the mercy of kesavan and take to their heels for the car there. Kesavan reached the car, touched it several parts as if he smelled it, and hen with some difficulty, managed to pass it by and preceded straight Guruvayur perhaps recognizing it to be of his lord. The authorities then followed him in the same car. Shortly ha came across a push-card, heavily laded with plantain fruits, which he would charmed at any time. The cart-man had just run away from the place for his life, abandoning the car there. Kesavan came near the cart and eagerly stretched his trunk. But just then heard his mahouts crying from behind requesting him leave it alone in the lord Guruvayurappan. Immediately he drew his trunk back and even without touching the fruits, went away.


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