Gajarajan Kesavan

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guruvayurkesavanThe famous Gajarajan Kesavan reached Guruvayur on 4th January, 1922. He was about 10 years old then, and was brought here and offered to the Lord after the proper function of nadayirutthal with kalabham

, by the Valiya Raja of Nilambur. It was the time of the historic Malabar mutiny and the valiya Raja,with his family, had evacuated to Trichur, leaving the whole property of his to the mercy of the lord. He had then twelve elephants and kesavan was one among them. When he felt that his property was in danger, he prayed whole-heartedly to lord Guruvayurappan that he would offer one of his elephants to him if his property was saved from the mutineers. When the mutiny was over, he got back his whole property and true to his oath, became the famous Gajarajan Kesavan. Padmanabhan was at the height of his fame when Kesavan came here and young Kesavan, naturally, imbibed all the noble and kingly qualities of Padmanabhan. Apart from the noble qualities that he learnt, the important thing that kesavan observed in Padmanabhan and practiced himself, was the peculiar method of the posture holding the high when the “thidambu was placed upon him. This rigorous and self-imposed training helped him, in later days, to become the most prominent of the elephants in kerala and wherever he was taken for utsava, he would be seen in the middle of the array, with the thidambu on his head. In nobility, Kesavan excelled even Padmanabhan and he had some peculiar characteristic. He would bend his front-legs only before those who held the thidambu of lord Guruvayurappan, to unable them to climb upon him. All others who held umbrella, alavattom, etc were to by his hind-legs. He would never tolerate anybody time to break this practice. And simply for a ride, he would not allow anybody, even his mahouts, to climb upon him.

Lunatic Kesavan
But when he was brought here, he was not so beautiful. Neither was he free from mischief and mad antics. He then use to be called the ‘lunatic kesavan’. Has a cure for this, he was given butter made holly by the Melsanthy by chatting mantras and this was continued for forty-one days. This is considered to be an effective treatment for stupidity. During these days, he used to be taken to the temple and made to perform Bhajanam by attainting all the three seevelees. After these, He Grew to be and ideal elephant. One noble trend of this was that he never used to injure anybody and in these he was following the footsteps of his guru padmanrajan. If he became wild, when outside Guruvayur, without even disturbing anything, he would straight away come to Guruvayur, and other temple, go around in circumambulation and stand where he usually would be chained when inside the temple. He never; used to spoil anything on the way even if he was to come miles away, and the only thing was that would never; obey the command of anybody, even of his mahouts then. Such mad ‘Anayottam’ (elephant race) even with out the control the chain, has taken place several times.


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